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We're Your Trusted Geospatial Solutions Partner

Canada’s Most Experienced Geospatial Solutions Team

We Know Geospatial Solutions

Just starting to plan your project, or have already begun? Need to bring in an expert team to lead the geospatial solution design and development, FME integration or AWS deployment part of the project?

We seamlessly augment your existing team with the extra capacity you require so you can focus on completing your project. We have the experience to hit the ground running and have developed GIS solutions that integrate with a wide variety of environments.

Our Partnership Services

  • We can help you bring cloud-based GIS technology to your clients (Esri or Open-Source)
  • We can help you integrate location mapping features and functionalities into your solution
  • We can augment your team to inject industrial-strength geospatial functionality into your existing or planned solution
Silvacom CS FME Solutions
FME Solutions
  • FME allows us to integrate, transform and standardize data from over 450 formats and applications
  • Whether you need automated workflows, data translations and extractions or transformations, our FME certified team can help


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Application Development
  • We can supply extra capacity to your in-house application development teams (through sub-contracts, MSAs, etc.)
  • We can help you build your complete solution from the ground up or work with you to update and modernize your legacy applications
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Usability Design
  • We can provide high-quality usability design, ensuring end-users have an easy and enjoyable experience when interacting with GIS elements



Our Partnership Services Information Sheet

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Reasons to Partner with Silvacom CS

Top Reasons to Partner with Silvacom CS

1.  We seamlessly merge with existing project teams

2.  We are proud to be a Canadian owned and operated company, with all our resources residing within Canada

3.  We tailor our development approach to your specific project

4.  We enter every partner project as co-creators with the overall goal of making you successful

5.  We have experience in a broad range of technologies and always use the right technology to get the job done right

6.  You instantly get access to an expert, award-winning team without having to hire

Choosing Silvacom CS proved to be the right decision for us

Todd Nash, Partner, Consulting Services - MNP

How Do You Know If You Have Found The Right Development Partner?

  • Do they have previous partnership experience?
    Partnerships require a high level of trust. Make sure the potential partner company has a history of successfully working with large organizations and can demonstrate that their processes are secure and ensure your important information is always protected.
  • Are they easy to contact and communicate with?
    You need a partner that is responsive and flexible. Make sure they can provide a communication schedule that works for you and your timelines.
  • Are they comfortable stepping into or out of the spotlight?
    This is your project, and you should be successful in the end. Make sure the potential partner company understands that they will be co-creators in the development process, but your organization will be the owner of the project at the end.
  • Do they have the right technical skills?
    Do you have an existing technical stack you would like to use, or would you like to plan out a fresh modern stack to develop on? Does your development partner keep current on both established and up and coming technologies?
  • Can they help kick off a project?
    You have a vision but need help getting the development process started, does your partner have the knowledge and experience to fully define a project and visualize it, bringing the vision to life for stakeholders?
  • What will happen after a project is complete?
    No doubt after a product is launched it will need to be supported, from routine updates and the occasional bug fix to full system monitoring and continuous enhancements. A partner who has the skills and longevity to provide support is a key piece of information.
Silvacom CS Partnership Process

Our Partnership Process

Silvacom CS will work closely with you to ensure we can quickly integrate with your team, following your lead on project management practices and development management tools. We can also provide some suggestions for our involvement in your project, such as:

1.  Kick-off Meeting with the Full Team

2.  Meet With You to Develop an Understanding of:

  • The project vision
  • Scope and timelines
  • Project management technologies and work processes

3.  Define and Visualize the Strategy

  • We will define requirements that reside alongside your project requirements, using your preferred development management tools
  • We will develop a visual-based strategy (i.e.: wireframes, composites, prototypes) that provides you with options to consider moving forward with the client
  • We will support you through the presentation of the strategy

4.  Development and Iterative Design (as required)

  • Testing and security practices are interwoven into our process to ensure quality software
  • Continuous deployments, built upon the previous version

5.  Check-in Meetings and Reporting

6.  Ongoing Sustainment and Operations

We're Your Trusted Partner With Over 20 Years of Experience Delivering Geospatial Solutions

We are an award-winning development team with a history of working with large organizations and governments.
We are constantly keeping current with the best technologies and can help you achieve your development goals on time.

Let’s Collaborate and Create SuccessTogether

We’re the integrated end-to-end GIS solution partner
you’ve been looking for.

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